UK, love at first sight

To keep you all update about my journey, I will regularly write a blog post. It’s an easy way to reflect weekly on my adventure here and nice to read afterwards. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Previous week Thursday I arrived early in London. I did that on purpose so I could do a little city trip. I never went to London before, so I download an online guide tour to see some highlights of the city. Unfortunately, a lot of the buildings were under construction, so I didn’t get the full London experience. Anyhow, I made some nice picture of the city life and as you see it was a really sunny day. I went to the UK with a sweater and a rain coat, but from the second I arrived I took it all off and walked around in my T-shirt for the rest of the day. I’m already one week in the UK and it didn’t rain so far. It’s actually really hot here 😅

Anyhow, at 17h Jolien, she is also a Graphic and digital media student in Antwerp, arrived. We ate some burgers and we trade London for Southampton. We took the train that cost us 39 pound each… We almost couldn’t believe that the price was that high, but that’s apparently how it works here. It was really late when we arrived, so we didn’t meet any else yet. But Jolien and I really get along. Sometimes it’s even a bit scary haha, we have the same taste in food and music. We have a lot of the same interested and habits, so we’re both really happy we are together here in Southampton. We even booked tickets for a Yungblud concert next week!

The other days I met the other international students. Most of the international students live in the same building and on the same floor. We share a kitchen and a bad room therefore we were forced to get to know each other. Luckily they are all really friendly, we spent most of our evenings together and I think nobody feels left out.

I study cgi and film visual effects here and had even some classes this week. The teachers and British students are all very social, so that was fun to notice. I’m also had the feeling, that with every lesson, my future job gets more and more clear. I probably have a lot of school work here therefore my spare time will be limited, but luckily I live 15 minutes from the bars and clubs so my free time will be put to good use 😉

I couldn’t wish for a better first week and I’m looking forward to all the other weeks!

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