Last month :(

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post, my apologies! I was busy with my school assignments and living my life as an exchange student.

At the beginning of this month and at the end of last month I had 2 important deadlines so most of my focus lay there. Also, my time is so limited here so when I'm not working I want to enjoy life here and not be longer behind my PC than necessary. That's the reason I'm not really harsh for myself for not writing weekly or even monthly. Anyhow, I will give a quick recap of the last weeks 😎

Jolien, my Belgian mate, and I went to 2 gigs!! I don't know why but the restrictions due to corona are really low here so we can go to gigs without any problems. We don't need to wear masks or keep the 1,5m distance from other people. They check your covid pass real quick and even when you're not vaccinated you can go to the gig and do a self swab test there. It's a bit weird to hear the big difference between the rules in Belgium and the UK. We really have the feeling covid doesn't exist here so that's the reason we take the opportunity to go as much as possible to gigs. But we're responsible and do self swabs regularly to keep ourselves and our mates safe!

Also, the bands who come to the UK are great and they most of the time don't even come to Belgium.

The first gig we went to was Frank Carter & The Rattle Snakes. It's a band Jolien admires but I didn't knew them. Jolien and I have the same taste in music so I was pretty sure I would like the gig. On November 15th, we went for dinner and after that we went to the gig. The concert was at the Guildhall, a very pretty music venue, in Southampton so we only had to walk 15 min to enjoy this concert! Rock and Roll gigs are 9 out of a 10 awesome because the bands are energetic so they really hype up the audience. Also Jolien and I were jumping around and headbanging the whole evening! After this evening Frank Carter & The Rattle Snakes are an addition to my Spotify playlist!

The second gig was on November 30th and we watched Gloryhammer & Alestorm! These are more funny metal bands I like but Jolien was open to go to another rock 'n' roll evening and she enjoyed it as well! I discovered that I was a bigger Alestorm fan than I expected because I knew almost every song they sang haha. Can't wait to see them again next summer on Graspop!

Few snaps of the concerts!

Between and after the gigs I was most of the time working on school assignments but I also jumped on a project in a student pub, The Angel, in Southampton. I spent my time in a creative environment, which is amazing but also very exhausting. You can't turn off a creative brain because it's always working even in moments you just want to chill and not think. For example, I'm writing this blog post at 23h50.😂

Luckily I'm still going weekly to the gym to run which helps me to turn off my brain for an hour and I have amazing friends here where I just can ventilate and do fun stuff with.

Recap of my CGI and VFX school work

Some shots for the Angel

Last weekend my friends and I did a whole pre-Christmas party because we're almost leaving 😓 and because everyone was busy lately, we didn't have a lot of time to hang out. On Saturday we drank, ate and partied together and on Sunday we went for a typical high tea which was delicious!

I going to try to write 1 last blog post before I go back to Belgium again but I'm not sorry if it doesn't happen 😂

Seee yaaaa!!!

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