Isle of Wight weekend

Last weekend we went to the Isle of Wight, a trip that already was on my to-do list before I went to the UK. We booked with 4 exchange students an accommodation, a few days before we left, in the West part.

Friday evening we took the ferry from Southampton to the Isle of Wight. After a 20minute boat trip and a 2hour bus ride we arrived at our accommodation, and omg we couldn't ask for more.

The house came right out of some Pinterest board. Honestly, this was one of the most beautiful accommodations where I stayed. We arrived quite late so we just made some food and watched a movie.

The next morning we left the house around 11 am so we could do a walk around the Needles. The Needles are a series of three chalkstone stacks rising from the sea at the westernmost tip of the British Isle of Wight( Wikipedia😉). You walk in a beautiful natural area, completely in peace and all you hear are the sea waves crashing against the cliffs. We took our time and did a 3hour walk before we decide to go back.

On our way back we stopped at a tearoom, ate some cake, and drank some Ice Coffee. Ice coffee? Yeah, you maybe can see it in the pictures but we were really lucky with the weather. It was sunny and after a long walk, I wanted some cool off :)

In the evening, we decide to explore the beach nearby our accommodation. So during sunset (of course) we sat a few hours on the beach and talked about our first Erasmus weeks. Conclusion? We all needed this weekend away from the busy student accommodation 😂

Sunday, already our last day on the Island, we decide to visit a famous harbor city Yarmouth. We visited a castle, wondered a bit in the streets and finally ate some fish and chips!!! It was really a fantastic meal to end our trip.

Of course, I shot some videos and you can find the recap of our trip here :) See ya next time!

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