Busy Week

This week was an intensive week so let’s recap on a few special moments!

On the 25th of September, there was a walk organized to the New Forest. I Googled the Forest before we went and it looked really cool, so I decided to join the walk. The organization didn't expect such a big turnout, I think, because we only saw a little part of the forest that wasn’t even that special. Maybe I will visit the forest again for a longer walk with a few other Erasmus students. Beside of the fact that the walk wasn’t that special, it was nice to meet some new people and I spent my Saturday morning sporty.

Monday & Tuesday I had a few introduction classes and the rest of the week I’m free! #luckyme

Last week I bought myself a membership card for the gym so I could continue the running streak. Why do you run in an f*cking gym Marijke? Well, let me explain. The first time I went running in Southampton, I got lost and I had to walk 5 km back to my resident. I also noticed that Southampton doesn’t have huge parks or nice running places. It is most of the time just boring streets with a lot of traffic, so I didn’t felt really safe either. The gym of my University cost me 10 pounds a month what is really cheap and it’s most of the time calm. Running on a treadmill isn’t the most exciting thing, but it does the job. Nevertheless, I still hope to find a nice running park or something like that because running outside is way more fun than in a hot gym.

Also let’s give myself an applause because with an average of September was my most sporty month of the year so far. Really proud of myself for getting back in the running game. :D (Last week I was a little ill, so I skipped some trainings)

In my previous blog post I already told that Jolien and I had tickets for Yungblud, and Tuesday it was finally D-Day! It felt sooo good to watch a real life concert again. We danced and sang from the beginning until the end. Yungblud isn’t only an amazing singer, but his show was also fantastic. I'm probably going to get some tickets for the show in Belgium. I can go with my little brother who was a bit jealous he couldn’t see him now 😉

Wednesday a friend and I did an evening walk to shoot some pictures for this blog (and the Instagram game of course) The man even managed to shoot a photo of me where I don’t look like a clown. Thank you Andrew!

This weekend I need to work on a few unfinished websites and we’re probably going to party.

So that’s all for now!

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